The 1949 Nut Company is the BOMB!

Peanuts by The 1949 Nut Company MUST be talked about.

I'm Amy, the newest of the Mack & Co. staff. 

My addiction to these peanuts began during a shift at Wyoming Freight Company. I had forgotten to bring lunch, and while waiting for my food delivery to our location, I bought the Dill Pickle Peanuts by the 1949 Nut Company. Wowza! Not only did they have my favorite dill pickle taste – they were not greasy like many other flavored peanuts I have tried. It was love at first sight.

I bought another can of the dill pickle flavor to take camping with me that weekend. They were gone by the end of day one. The following week, I decided to try the Sea Salt and Pepper Peanuts. Again, I was not disappointed – and these were milder, smooth-tasting, with a great salt and pepper vibe to them. I switched back and forth between the two for a few weeks.

My sweet tooth hit, and I bought the Buttered Toffee Candied Peanuts. I probably put on a pound that day, I couldn’t stop eating them! So delicious! After my third 1949 Nut Company flavor became my favorite, I begged Terri and Pat to order all the flavors. My newest Numero Uno is the Chili Lime Peanuts (Terri agrees!).

We stock the Dill Pickle Peanuts, Sea Salt and Pepper Peanuts, Buttered Toffee Candied Peanuts, Gourmet Salted Peanuts, Buffalo Party Mix, Chili Lime Peanuts, and Zesty Sriracha Peanuts in 1949 Nut Company 10-ounce cans, as well as the 38-ounce Gourmet BIG can. Stop in on Fridays and Saturdays, we might have a few flavors to sample! (If we don’t, just ask us what we think of them… we’ll gladly rave your ears off!)

Mack & Co. is located at 204 Elk Street in Rock Springs.

See you soon!